Stores and Shopping Centers

Friendship Store
A well-known chained department store in the city
First Branch: No. 272, Wuyi Donglu
Second Branch: No. 2, Laodong Donglu

Dongtang Department Store
Address: No. 2, Laodong Donglu, opposite the Friendship Store

Zhongshan Commerce
Address: No. 63-65 Huangxing Zhonglu

Zhongshanlu Department Store
Address: No. 56, Zhongshan Lu, opposite the Xiangjiang Hotel

Apollo Shopping Center
Address: No. 69, Shaoshan Lu, opposite the Great Wall Hotel

Children’s Store
Address: south of the Wuyi Square

Woman’s Store
Address: No. 346, Huangxing Nanlu

Hunan Shopping Center
Address: No. 129, Wuyi Zhonglu

Changsha Mansion
Address: No. 87, Wuyi Donglu, west of the railway station

Xiang Embroidery Shopping
Address: No. 70, Bayi Lu