Lushan Foreign Languages Experimental Middle School, originally known as No. 28 Middle School of Changsha, is located in Yingwan Town on the west bank of the Xiangjiang River. It began cooperating with Lu Shan International Experimental School in late April, and now highlights high-quality education in foreign languages.


Changsha WES Academy (CWA) is the first and only international school located in Hunan Province that uses English as the primary language of instruction. In order to attract more foreign investors to Changsha City and Hunan Province at large, the Changsha National Economic and Technical Development Zone Administrative Committee (CETZAC) decided that it was necessary to establish a quality international school for the children of its foreign investors. Thus, CWA was established in cooperation with Worldwide Education Services (WES Group), to provide an international education for the children of expatriate and SAR families.
CWA opened as an Elementary School for children in Grades 1-5 on 1st September 2010 at a temporary site. On 14th February 2011, the school moved to the brand new school campus, which is on a 27,000m2 site at the corner of Dongyi and Beidou roads in Xingsha, an eastern suburb of Changsha City. At the same time, the Early Years section opened for children aged 3-5. Currently, CWA offers classes for children up to Grade 9 (age 15). As the international community in the Changsha area grows, CWA intends to expand upwards and eventually offer classes through Grade 12. CWA has been approved as an International School by the PRC Ministry of Education and is a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS). In May 2014, CWA was authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) as an IB World School for the Primary Years Programme (PYP). IB World Schools share a common philosophy – a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education – that we believe is important for our students.
This year, the newly started Middle School has just started to implement a programme based on the Next Chapter of the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme (MYP). This curriculum framework, designed for students aged 11—16, encourages students to become critical and reflective thinkers.
For sharing the international education with local students, the new school, Changsha WES (Bilingual) Academy (CWB), has been started for Chinese students this year.
You are welcome any time during business hours to find out more about Changsha WES Academy – the first English-medium International School in Changsha!
Address: 8, Dongyi Road, Xingsha, Changsha, Hunan Province
Telephone: (+86) 0731-8275-8900; 0731-8275-8629
Fax: (+86) 0731-8275-8901
Email: information.cwa@wes-group.org
Website: www.wes-cwa.org; www.wes-cwb.org
Business Hours: Monday to Friday (08:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Since 1983, i2 has been focusing on education for 30 years. Our head brand opens language classes, arts classes, sports classes, management classes and cultural classes with the best foreign teachers in China. Following traditional North American education idea of F.A.M.I.L.Y, i2 brings our customers customized services. I2 has more than 20 branches in Chengdu, Changsha, Mianyang, Chongqing, Guiyang and Kunmin. And it has more than 4 subsidiary brands as i2 Au pair, i2 Overseas Study Tour, i2 Overseas Study, Phoenix. As a leading brand in education field, i2 has been named as “the most valuable education group”, “the most valuable foreign language training centre”. What kind of education works best? The answer should be “customized education”. According to a customer’s living background, character, study purpose, i2 customizes different study plans for the customer. There are hundreds of foreign teachers working on different majors(language, culture, art, sports, social ability, management, overseas studying plans) to help our customer fulfill their dreams. As a leading company of customized education, i2 is carrying on more responsibility as company’s expanding. “1%” charity program was founded to help less capable groups.
On Feb 17, 2014, i2 1% 118 scholarship’s(Founded in 2010 in No.1 Middle School of Yueyang) third award ceremony is held in No1 Middle School of Yueyang. More than 60 students have received help from this program. Later in the afternoon, i2 gave Star kindergarten(Badou village in Maotian county) an interesting English class. Every kid had a lot of fun learning English with i2 English teachers. To help more students with customized education, i2 is always trying to make more progress.
Address: Pinghetang Business Building 22-01, 88# Middle Huangxing road, Tianxin District, Changsha
Address of i2 Changsha Wanbohui centre: Room 108, Unit 2, Block 2, Wanbohui Phase one, Middle Shaoshan, Changsha
Website: http://www.i2education.com/zh-CN/introduce002.html?proID=643491


Lushan International Experimental School of Changsha (LIESC) is a public boarding school, including primary school, junior and senior school, which has a total of 12 years of schooling experience. In September, 1993, LIESC was established, with approval from Changsha Municipal Government. The school implements new educational system of “state-owned school, the principal responsibility system, self-raised funds, and autonomy in running” ,which is managed in the mode of state-owned but privately run. In November, 2001, the school and Changjun Middle School merged into ChangJun Education Group, which is the first basic education group in Hunan Province. It carries out the educational strategy of “elite schools help private schools”. It covers an area of 98,000 square meters, with a construction area of 120000 square meters. With complete teaching attachments, the school owns 136 classes, 8094 students, 692 staff members. It is the largest school in elmentary education field in Changsha. “Quality + service” is the school’s motto. Even after 20 years of hard work, the school continues to make great contributions to the development of basic education in Changsha. High quality teaching resources and extra and co-curricular service have become the most attractive highlights of the school. The quality of school education has improved year by year, for example, in the recent years the college entrance examination scores ranks the fourth in Changsha, and senior high school entrance examination scores are among the best in the city. In order to adapt to the demands of students’ boarding in school, the school constantly optimizes its internal management and sets up an efficient service team to provide 24 hours all-round high quality services and meet the social needs, which has been widely accepted by the society. The school has won national, provincial and municipal honorary titles for many times. As the window of the Changsha basic education reform, the school welcomes nearly 60 education inspection and training groups from home and abroad every year.
Address: No. 59 Yuehua street, Yuelu District of Changsha
Website: http://www.cjedu.cn/


Changsha Country Garden Venice Bilingual kindergarten is the first chain kindergarten of Guangdong Country Garden Education Group which is outside the Guangdong Province. It is also the 6th member of the Country Garden Education Group. It incorporates Guangdong Country Garden Education Group’s values and ideas. It is a reputable kindergarten of consummate modern facilities and a beautiful yard with all kinds of functional rooms, including a computer room, dancing room, reading room, art rooms and a Montessori room. There is a lot of equipment and outdoor venues which provide a larger space for the children to play and study. The kindergarten is a modern bilingual kindergarten with many facilities and new equipment available. It follows strict management and is located within a beautiful environment. It offers excellent quality education and prides itself on the high standard of English delivered to all its students.
Changsha Country Garden Venice Bilingual School, the newest member of Country Garden Education Group, is founded on the base of the successful experiences of the other 5 member schools. With the characteristics of internationalized education and English education, the school facilitates the students who intend to study in international schools and further study abroad. Changsha Country Garden Venice Bilingual School is a top-notch school of consummate modern facilities and a beautiful campus with all kinds of functional rooms, including study rooms, dancing rooms, music rooms, art rooms, piano rooms, laboratories and gymnasiums. All the laboratories are equipped in accordance with the highest national standards. Every classroom is set up with multimedia equipment. The school also has a 200-meter track field of an international standard, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton gyms, swimming pools, libraries and biological gardens. The school designs small class teaching with an average of 28 children in kindergarten and the maximum of 38 students in primary school and junior high school to enable more individual care for each child.

Educational Goals
Learning to live
Learning to be
Learning to explore
Learning to survive
Learning to appreciate